How Much Do Mississippi River Cruises Cost

One of the most exciting and inspiring things to do while visiting the United States is to take a Mississippi River cruise. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, a cruise down America’s most famous river will be a memorable experience. There are lots of options for the type of cruise to choose from and how long you wish to stay aboard, each one offering a unique experience, so it can be difficult to know how much a trip on the Mississippi River may cost.

If you opt for a classic two-week round trip that includes stops at many of the major cities on either side of the river, you can expect to spend several thousands dollars.   The cost of a cruise on the Mississippi River will depend on what kind of services and amenities you’d like while onboard. Luxury packages typically cover meals, sightseeing tours, special events and entertainment, in addition to the cabin fees.

Cruise packages that focus more on the enrichment of the trip, such as cultural and educational activities, may also command a higher price tag. If you’re looking for a more economical option, it’s possible to find great deals and discounts on smaller cruises that can last just a few days. Both traditional and contemporary riverfront facilities are available, with some of the finest ships in the world offering the best service to customers.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a cruise is the type of vessel you’ll be spending the majority of your time on. All riverboats are not the same size or level of luxury, so be sure to weigh all of your options before deciding which one works best for your budget. Some smaller boats, such as paddle-wheelers, may offer a more intimate experience, but may come at an additional cost.

When it comes to saving money, traveling during off-season months between November and April can offer lower prices on many of the top cruise packages. Some providers may also offer exclusive discounts to members of private clubs and rewards programs. Seasoned travelers swear by the use of comparison websites and search engines to quickly find the best deals on their desired cruise.

No matter what type of cruise you take, you can be sure that a trip on the Mississippi River will offer an unforgettable experience. America’s most famous river has been part of the country’s history and cultural life for centuries and remains an important symbol for many communities around the nation. If a cruise is on your agenda, you can expect to find a journey that fits your budget and also lives up to your expectations.

Riverboat Cruises

Riverboat cruises have become a popular way to explore the Mississippi River, with many travelers choosing this method of transportation to uncover the history and beauty of the river. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or a luxurious escape, there is something special about cruising the upper Mississippi. From old-fashioned paddle-wheelers to luxury riverboats, there are many different types of riverboats available for passengers to choose from. All riverboats offer comfortable cabins, delicious dining, and recreational activities for passengers to enjoy during their journey.

One of the best things about riverboat cruises is the amount of exploration and sightseeing available. During these cruises, which often last from one to two weeks, passengers typically visit small towns and plantations, allowing them to experience the authentic beauty of the Mississippi River up close. The vessels also often make stops in places such as St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans, giving passengers the opportunity to get off the boat and explore some of the local attractions and cultural offerings of these cities.

Riverboat cruises may not be as luxurious as some of the other options available on the Mississippi River, as these vessels usually lack some of the features that many have come to expect on a cruise ship. However, they provide an intimate setting and give passengers a chance to get away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life. These cruises are also usually significantly more affordable than larger luxurious boat, making them an ideal choice for both budget and experienced travelers who are looking to experience the Mississippi River up close and personal.

Luxury Cruises

Elegant and luxurious Mississippi River cruises offer a unique way to explore the mighty river, ensuring that passengers have a truly unique experience. Luxury cruises can range from smaller vessels, such as paddle-wheelers, to luxurious mega-ships, both providing unparalleled service and comfort to passengers. These vessels typically feature modern amenities, such as on-board spas and fitness centers, as well as some of the best restaurants and shops available on any river cruise.

The Mississippi River also plays host to some of the most exclusive and luxurious cruises in the world, with some of the biggest names in the cruise industry sailing the river on a regular basis. Many luxury cruises offer unique experiences, such as dinners prepared by renowned chefs and private, on-board parties with the most sought-after entertainers of the day. These luxury cruises also typically feature luxurious amenities that are not available on other riverboats, such as private dining rooms, libraries and lounges, and televisions in all rooms.

Luxury cruises on the Mississippi River can be quite costly and are usually much more expensive than other riverboat options. However, if you’re looking for an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind and have the budget to accommodate it, then a luxury cruise may be the best choice.

Themed Cruises

Themed cruises are becoming more popular along the Mississippi River and are often a great way to experience the culture and sights of the area. These cruises offer passengers the opportunity to immerse themselves in local history and culture, as well as take part in organized activities and themed events. For instance, some of the most popular themed cruises are centered around Cajun culture, Native American culture, the Blues, and the Civil War, and offer guests a chance to explore some of the unique aspects of the Mississippi River.

Theme cruises are generally more affordable than luxury cruises and are ideal for budget-minded travelers who still want to experience the Mississippi River. These cruises often feature a variety of onboard amenities, including shops, restaurants, gaming opportunities, and even movie screenings, giving passengers plenty to do during the course of their voyage. Themed cruises also offer the chance to experience historical places that may not be accessible via traditional cruises, such as small towns and plantation houses.

Whether you’re planning on taking a classic riverboat cruise or you’d like to experience the river by luxury vessel, the Mississippi River has something for everyone. With a wide range of vessels and services to choose from, passengers should have no trouble finding a cruise that fits their budget and allows them to experience this breathtaking river in the most exciting and memorable way possible.

Bargain Cruises

Though cruises on the Mississippi River can range from relatively affordable to extremely luxurious, there are always options for those looking to experience the river on a budget. Bargain cruises are available throughout the year, and they provide an affordable way to explore the river while still enjoying all of the same amenities and features as any other cruise. These cruises often offer discounts on lodging and dining, as well as free activities and onboard entertainment.

It’s important to note that bargain cruises usually entail more of a shared experience. Passengers in these cruises may be sharing cabins and meals with strangers, and there may be fewer recreational opportunities available than on more luxurious cruises. However, passengers can still expect a great experience, as many bargain cruises offer just as much of an opportunity to explore the beauty of the Mississippi River as any other cruise.  

Bargain cruises are ideal for budget-minded travelers who are looking for an opportunity to experience the river without breaking the bank. In addition, these cruises often provide a more personal and intimate experience, as fewer passengers typically means more chances for meaningful conversations and interactions with other travelers.

Boat Rentals

Those who are truly looking to experience the Mississippi River up close and personal may opt to rent a private vessel instead of taking a larger cruise. Boats can be rented from several different companies along the river and can accommodate anywhere from one to several dozen passengers at a time. Renting a boat can be an ideal option for those who want to explore the river and its many sights at their own pace, with the freedom to make stops wherever they wish.

Boat rental prices will vary depending on the type of boat rented, the size of the party, and the length of time rented. Though boat rentals can sometimes be more affordable than cruises, it’s important to note that these vessels typically don’t offer the same amenities one can expect from a cruise. Passengers need to provide their own food and lodging, and there may be fewer activities available than on a regular cruise.

Another downside to boat rentals is that inexperienced boaters may find the task of navigating the Mississippi River daunting. The river is known for its unpredictable nature due to its variable currents, so the best way to ensure a safe journey is to hire a navigation guide.  These guides, who are knowledgeable about the river, can help travelers safely traverse its waters with ease.

When deciding which option is best for you, it’s important to consider your budget and your expectations. Whether you’re looking to experience the Mystic River on a luxury cruise, on a traditional riverboat, or in a private boat, the choices are plenty. The journey on the Mississippi River will be an unforgettable experience, offering something special to every passenger that takes a voyage on the river.

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