What Is The Best Mississippi River Cruise Regardless Of Price

Overview of Mississippi River Cruises

Mississippi River cruises are a great way to explore the rich history, culture, and scenic landscapes that this beautiful river provides. Mississippi River cruises typically last from three to seven days and include activities such as sightseeing, shopping, dining, and entertainment on board. On board, guests can enjoy meals prepared by expert chefs, participate in educational lectures, and attend activities such as wine and craft beer tastings. From the majestic rivers to the lush landscapes, Mississippi River cruises offer an unforgettable experience for travelers.

What Makes the Mississippi a Popular Cruise Destination?

The Mississippi River is often referred to as America’s historic river. With over 2,348 miles of navigable waters, visitors can explore vast stretches of the beautiful river. Visitors can also visit the dozens of cities and towns that line the banks of the Mississippi, including Memphis, St. Louis, and Vicksburg. Many of these cities and towns boast fascinating attractions and historic sites that add to the experience of Mississippi River cruises.

The Best Mississippi River Cruise Regardless of Price

When looking for the best Mississippi River cruise regardless of price, one should consider the itinerary, amenities, and onboard activities offered. In terms of itinerary, look for cruises that offer various ports of call throughout the river such as St. Louis, New Orleans, and Memphis. Cruises with longer itineraries often provide the most varied and comprehensive look at the Mississippi River. Cruises offering the most amenities and onboard activities should also be considered. Amenities such as spa services, on board casinos, and live theatre shows should be sought. Activities on board such as wine tastings, art classes, and cooking demonstrations should also be taken into account.

Comparing Cruise Companies

When selecting the best Mississippi River cruise regardless of price, it is important to compare the cruise companies. Many cruise companies offer cruises of varying lengths, amenities, and onboard activities. Certain cruise companies may also offer unique experiences such as a live show produced solely for the Mississippi River Cruise. Cruise companies should also be judged on the quality of their ships and staff. It is important to find a knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive staff who is able to make the cruise as enjoyable as possible.


For anyone looking for the best Mississippi River Cruise regardless of price, the key is to look for cruises offering the most varied itineraries, amenities, and onboard activities. One should compare different cruise companies in order to find the one that offers the perfect balance of these elements. By doing so, travelers are sure to have an unforgettable Mississippi River cruise experience.

Benefits of a Mississippi Cruise Experience

Regardless of price, a Mississippi River Cruise offers a rich, enjoyable experience filled with exploration, sightseeing and more. With cruises available at varying lengths, travelers can explore the river at their own leisure and find the perfect itinerary for their trip. Cruise passengers can enjoy an array of onboard activities, as well as visit a variety of cities and towns along the Mississippi for shopping and dining experiences.

Safety and Comfort of a Mississippi River Cruise

When planning a Mississippi River Cruise, passengers should be sure to research the safety and comfort of the cruise line and its ships. Understanding the necessary precautions taken to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers is essential. For example, some cruise lines offer vaccinations for protection against waterborne diseases, such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid, that are present in the Mississippi River. Furthermore, cruise lines should always be certain to have effective safety procedures onboard in the event of an emergency.

Inclusions in the Cruise Package

In addition to research on the cruise line’s safety and comfort measures, passengers should inquire about the inclusions in their particular cruise package. Many cruise packages will include meals, sightseeing tours and transportation in and around port towns. Moreover, some cruise packages may include discounts on shore excursions or entertainment, such as live music and theater, with the potential to save passengers money. In any case, it is essential for cruise-goers to understand what is included in their package.

Quality of Service of Mississippi River Cruise

Finally, passengers should also research the quality of service provided by the cruise line. A cruise can only be judged truly by the quality of service offered, as it is the staff that ensures the ultimate satisfaction of guests. Inquire about the quality of customer service and the staff’s attentiveness. Additionally, look up reviews from past passengers who have experienced the cruise line firsthand to gain further insight.

Reviewing Cruise Costs

When selecting a Mississippi River Cruise, travelers should also pay attention to the cost. While the price of a cruise can be a more significant factor for some than others, it is important to understand what is included in the offer and whether it is worth the price. Research different offers to find one that matches the quality of the cruise line and the amenities and activities that will be available onboard.

Understanding Cruise Policies

When booking a Mississippi River Cruise, all policies should be read carefully in order to ensure that a cancellation or disruption will not be subject to excessive cost. Cruise lines should also provide a comprehensive itinerary that highlights possible ports of call, including any optional excursions or activities. Therefore, it is important for passengers to understand what is included in the cruise package and what is not, in order to avoid any complications.

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